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Donoria is one of the leading brokerage companies on Polish insurance advisory market

Modern, professionally managed company that uses the best global standards is present on the financial market since 1995 and enjoys the confidence of the most demanding customers from various business and economic branches.

The fact that we have gained confidence of more than 500 companies who have entrusted our brokerage service their assets of a few trillion PLN proves that our insurance programs meet the high requirements of our Customers.

The network of branch offices from all over Poland and the group of specialists in the field of insurance and risk management make us one of the leaders in the category of the comprehensive Customer service.

With response to the market needs, we offer a systematic approach to the insurance market management. Apart from evaluating the jeopardy, negotiating the insurance conditions and coverage, we assume the liability for the on-going agreement management, thereby providing our Partners with security and possibility to develop.